Keeping your company moving.

Starting a business might seem like the hard part, and getting your company formation right is undoubtedly a huge undertaking. But there’s also lots to think about once you’re actually up and running to keep things running smoothly.

From filing accounts and preparing reports for HMRC, to updating statutory registers and drawing up director’s reports, there’s lots you’ll need to do to keep your company moving.

Company secretarial is all about upholding your company’s internal structures to keep all the parts working together properly. And it’s something we can take off your hands.

Whether you need us to arrange meetings of your board of directors and shareholders, draft and dispatch meeting minutes for you, or simply keep you up to date on all the ongoing corporate governance developments, we can help.

Businesses used to be required by law to appoint a company secretary to look after all these things. Because they’re not technically needed anymore, lots of directors take this role on themselves. But it can be an absolute headache, with registrations, returns, and records all taking up time you don’t really have for ticking boxes. By outsourcing it to us, you’ll know all your obligations are taken care of accurately and on time, and you’ll never have to worry about missing a deadline.

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