Planning for the future.

Looking after yourself and your loved ones is a top priority, and carefully planning out your finances is a big part of that.

Sometimes though, it can feel like taxes get in the way of being able to plot a stable and secure path when it comes to money.

But with careful planning, you can actually reduce the amount of personal tax you owe – meaning you’ll have more of your hard-earned money leftover to spend doing things you enjoy.

There are lots of ways we can help you with tax planning. We’ll sit down together to explain how taxes and tax credits work and look at where you might benefit from tax relief.

Making full use of your capital gains tax (CGT) allowance, for example, can help save money when you sell assets like residential properties. You can also get tax credits when you contribute to a pension, and make gifts to your family during your lifetime – reducing the amount your loved ones will have to pay in inheritance tax after you’re gone.

If you’re self-employed, or a company director, you’ll also benefit from clever tax planning, by employing strategies like topping up your salary with dividend payments, rather than exceeding your personal allowance.

Getting all of this right takes careful planning, and we’re perfectly placed to help you work out what your next steps should be.


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