Working out how much you owe and when.

Anyone who is a sole trader (earning more than £1000) or a partner in a business partnership needs to fill out a self-assessment tax return.

You won’t normally need to fill one out if your only income is from your wages or pension, but if you’ve got any other untaxed income (like money from renting out a property, tips or commission, or income from savings and investments), you might need to. 

The process of self-assessment can be complicated, time-consuming and frustrating. It’s important to get right – pay too much and you won’t get the benefit of your hard work, pay too little and you’ll find yourself in trouble with HMRC.

We’ll walk you through the process, helping you stay on track, maintain compliance, and, importantly, feel in control. With plenty of planning, there’s no need to miss deadlines – which means you won’t need to worry about penalty fines, or in the worst-case scenario, getting prosecuted. 

Self-assessment should work for you, and that means we take a completely tailored approach. Your circumstances are absolutely unique – whether you freelance alongside your day-job, work for yourself full-time, or are a company director that needs to report on dividends and benefits in kind. 

We’ll ask the right questions, start work with plenty of time, and, because we know the legislation inside out, can keep HMRC at bay if they do come back with any queries.

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