Looking after your loved ones.

After a lifetime of hard work, you want to make sure your loved ones benefit from everything you’ve saved for and built after you’re gone.

You might think about things like passing on the home you worked hard to buy, leaving money behind for your family, or dividing up your other valuable possessions so that they can be enjoyed by future generations. 

Whatever your intentions are, making sure that your wishes for what’s known as your estate (all your possessions, property, and wealth) are carried out once you’re gone requires some careful planning.

Without proper estate planning, your loved ones might find themselves facing a hefty inheritance tax bill, which means they’ll receive less than you want them to.

Because estate planning is so specialist, we work with trusted advisors who’ll be able to guide you through all the things you need to consider.  

There are ways to reduce inheritance tax, and it’s something our partners can help with – both now, to support you in putting robust plans together, and with the processing of inheritance tax after you’re gone. 

They’ll talk about how you can take advantage of options to distribute wealth and assets before you pass away – thinking about gifts to family, using trusts, making donations to charity, or making use of nil-rate band transfers. 

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