Did you know that as a cost cutting exercise in September 2016, HMRC decided to stop sending out all corporation tax notices, including:

  • Filing reminder letters which used to be issued 28 days before the return due date
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of a corporation tax return.

However, our clients need not worry as Porter Garland have an internal management process which ensures we capture and inform our clients of all upcoming filing deadlines whilst also confirming due dates for tax payments.  As a professional Accountancy firm, we take these responsibilities seriously and our clients can rest assured that all HMRC matters are in hand at all times.

Another point to note is that HMRC no longer accept cheques, so all Corporation Tax payments must now be made electronically.  For company advice or ongoing support, please don’t hesitate to call Thomas Pottinger FCA or Amanda Williams FCA on 01276 674870.


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