Whether you’re a buy-to-let landlord, a shareholder, an art dealer or you fall somewhere in between, the chances are you will be familiar with paying capital gains tax (CGT).  CGT is payable when you ‘dispose’ of a certain item and make money from the sale, with the amount you’re liable for depending on your income and the asset in question.  It is possible to reduce your tax bill through careful CGT planning and there are several reliefs out there to help you and your business form a tax-eficient strategy in 2018/19.
In our report about ‘Capital Gains Tax Planning‘, we talk about how you can reduce your CGT bill in 2018/19.  The report focuses on:
The Rates
  • Tax-free amounts
  • Tax-free assets
  • Your main home
  • Gifting assets
  • Reinvesting and deferring
  • Entrepreneurs relief
  • Holdover relief
  • Incorporation relief
  • Investors relief
  • Rollover relief
To read the full report, click here.  For expert advice on Capital Gains Tax reliefs, call Amanda Williams FCA or Thomas Pottinger FCA at Porter Garland on 01276 674870.

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