Are you a private-sector contractor?  If so, are you fully aware of the IR35 ‘Off-Payroll’ Rules which will directly affect a large number of contractors? If you fall within IR35 next year, it is likely that you are already underpaying tax now.

Large and medium-sized organisations have just six months left to prepare for changes to off-payroll working rules, which are due to extend to the private sector next spring.  From 6th April 2020, firms that engage private-sector contractors will be responsible for deciding if the rules should apply and deducting income tax and national insurance.

The attached report explains in more detail about the following:

  • Aims and Controversy
  • Recent Inconsistencies
  • The Rules
  • Checking Employment Status
  • Expenses Allowance
  • Options To Prepare

With just six months to before the change in April 2020, please speak to Amanda Williams FCA or Thomas Pottinger FCA, who would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Call us at Porter Garland on 01276 674870.

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