Welcome to our seventh newsletter for 2024 aiming to bring you the latest in financial news and updates.

This month we focus on the following topics:

HMRC CONTACTS PENDING ROR CLAIMANTS: Provisional claimants are urged to make a valid claim by 31 January 2025.

HOUSE PRICES RISE SLIGHTLY AGAIN: The average cost of a home now stands at £264,249, marking a 1.3% increase year-on-year

MEDIA SECTOR FACES SCRUTINY FROM HMRC: A survey by RSM revealed that 40% of media firms had filed an R&D claim in the past year, but only 24% of these were approved without dispute.

ONLY 13% OF BOUNCE BACK LOANS PAID OFF: £46.9 billion was lent during Covid under the scheme. While nearly three-quarters of borrowers are on track to repay, a significant £40.9bn remains outstanding.

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