Welcome to our fifth newsletter for 2024 aiming to bring you the latest in financial news and updates.

This month we focus on the following topics:

HOUSE PRICES GROW SLOWLY IN MARCH: Higher mortgage rates affect affordability as the cost of buying a home strains budgets.e increased by 1.2% compared to last year, climbing to an average of £260,420. The last growth was seen in January 2023.

STEALTH TAX FREEZE THREATENS INCOME OF PENSIONERS: 1.6m additional retirees dragged into income tax levy. 8.5m currently paying income tax, up from 4.9m in 2010.

ENHANCED CHILD BENEFIT PAYMENTS SET TO COMMENCE: There was a significant uplift for families from 6 April as the annual entitlement for one child was raised. Additional child payments also increased.

BREXIT CHARGES COULD LEAD TO HIGHER FOOD PRICES: Fees of up to £145 will be charged from 30 April. Small imports such as sausages and cheese are included in the charge.

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